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News of Online Classes
July / Julio 6, 2020
Diario de clase 49: Fundación Casvi-Piura, ¡juntos contra la Covid-19!
School Diary 49: Foundation in Piura, banding together against Covid-19!
On May 4, Casvi-Piura Foundation celebrated its 12th anniversary. Check out this video to see the volunteers working hard during Covid19.
July / Julio 1, 2020
Diario de clase 48: Grado 5 Exposición PEP 2020
School Diary 48: 5th Grade PYP Exhibition 2020
This year, 5th Grade students have completed the PYP Exhibition online, demonstrating their ability to take responsibility for their learning as well as their ability to act. They have done an excellent job!
June / Junio 25, 2020
Diario de clase 47: Una experiencia real
School Diary 47: A real-life experience
Nothing nurtures more a learning path as a real-life experience does. In Design class students have had the opportunity to share their ideas with an expert in the field, Mr. Gabriel Jiménez, Axel Springer Publishing Director.
June / Junio 23, 2020
Diario de clase 46: ¡Una despedida de fábula!
School Diary 46: A fairytale farewell!
Our school re-scheduled High School Graduation Ceremony for the next year. The CEO, Head of School, and Teachers wanted to send a warm message to our senior students though!
June / Junio 22, 2020
Diario de clase 45: Graduación de Kindergarten Online 2020
School Diary 45: Online Kindergarten Graduation 2020
Last Friday was the very last day of Preschool at Casvi International American school. That's the reason our teachers and families got together to celebrate a special Kindergarten Graduation ceremony for our kiddos virtually. We are so proud of you!
June / Junio 18, 2020
Diario de clase 44: Yo solo veo oportunidades
School Diary 44: I only see opportunities
Are schools prepared for re-opening after confinement? It is clear the digital transformation it has brought about, and the great opportunities that have appeared. The CEO of Casvi Group, Juan Luis Yagüe, explains why our schools are ready!
June / Junio 17, 2020
Diario de clase 43: La nueva vida de los profesores 5
School Diary 43: Teachers' new life 5
Every family is different, that's something our 6th Grade Homeroom Teacher knows very well! On this occasion, not only as a teacher but as a mom, Mrs. Freimuth talks about how her routine has changed since online classes became a reality 3 months.
June / Junio 12, 2020
Diario de clase 42: Las emociones a través de la danza
School Diary 42: Emotions through Dance
Kids' cognitive development depends on how they are capable to express their emotions. Our specialized teacher helps the students connect different emotions to different styles of dance and movement!
June / Junio 4, 2020
Diario de clase 40: La nueva vida de los profesores 4
School Diary 40: Teachers' new life 4
Michelle Lawver, our Kindergarten homeroom teacher, talks about how her teaching routine has changed since Covid-19 lockdown in Spain and gives us some personal tips to get through quarantine.
June / Junio 1, 2020
Diario de clase 39: Mentalidad International
School Diary 39: International Mindedness
How do we incorporate international-mindedness through PYP? Pre-K1 students have enjoyed a wonderful, globe-trotting inquiry into the different ways that people across the world express themselves.
May / Mayo 29, 2020
Diario de clase 38: ¿Quién te inspira?
School Diary 38: Who inspires you?
5th Grade students have presented an oral essay about inspiring people from the past. Artists, scientists, politics, athletes… they chose the person they admire and explain why! You will surprise…
May / Mayo 28, 2020
Diario de clase 37: ¡El coro del cole lo ha vuelto a hacer!
School Diary 37: School Choir did it again!
Casvi International American School Choir keeps singing. This is the second cover they want to share with us during this exceptional situation. Turn the volume up to enjoy their voices to the fullest!
May / Mayo 26, 2020
Diario de clase 36: Lo que mejor hacemos
School Diary 36: What we do best!
Since school lockdown due to the Covid-19, nothing has changed for our students. Because, what we do best is providing the best education for your children, both face to face or online.
May / Mayo 25, 2020
Diario de clase 35: Entrena según tu ritmo cardíaco
School Diary 35: Heart Rate Training
MYP students have been inquiring about How to Create a Heart Rate Training Program. The objective is to know exactly how their body is working in order to increase aerobic fitness and improve their performance.
May / Mayo 21, 2020
Diario de clase 34: Desarrollo de habilidades sociales en Infantil
School Diary 34: Social Skills Development in Pre-School
Preschoolers worked on the Unit of Inquiry "How we organize ourselves" and they discussed “what makes us a good friend”. Students expressed their emotions and talked about friendship!
May / Mayo 20, 2020
Diario de clase 33: Las Artes escénicas en Primaria
School Diary 33: Performing Arts in Primary School
Performing Arts provides our PYP students a means of expression of both emotional and intellectual perspectives and a vehicle for wondering, reflecting, and consolidating. Besides, they have a lot of fun!
May / Mayo 19, 2020
Diario de clase 32: La nueva vida de los profesores 3
School Diary 32: Our teachers' new life 3
MYP Coordinator, Ms. Laura McCutcheon, talks to us about how her teaching routine has changed since Covid-19 lockdown in Spain and gives us some personal tips to get through quarantine.
May / Mayo 18, 2020
Diario de clase 31: Nos unimos al Día Internacional de los Museos
School Diary 31: We celebrate International Museum Day
Our 8th graders, understand museums as agents of change and they joined this event by showing their artistic works. They used the stippling technique to draw an eye and to focus our gaze on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.
May / Mayo 14, 2020
Diario de clase 30: Todo sobre las células
School Diary 30: All about Cells
Inquiring about the cells can be fun and engaging for students. Our Science Teacher, Ms. Barrow has proposed a creative way to help students learn the parts of a cell. They have created their own cell model using recycled materials!
May / Mayo 13, 2020
Diario de clase 29: Mindfulness para niños
School Dary 29: Mindfulness for kids
2nd Graders have been working on mindfulness during the whole year and now they continue to improve their self-consciousness through interactive classes. Need a break? Find a quiet place and take your water bottle.
May / Mayo 12, 2020
Diario de clase 28: La nueva vida de los profesores 2
School Diary 28: Our teachers' new life 2
Life has changed for teachers with online classes. How do they prepare classes now? How was the adaptation to the new digital learning environment? Manuel Gómez Requero, our Spanish Language and Literature teacher talks about this new situation!
May / Mayo 7, 2020
Diario de clase 27: Entrevista CEO Grupo de Colegios Casvi
School Diary 27: Interview with CEO of Casvi Schools
Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 schools are closed in our country. Our CEO, Mr. Juan Luis Yagüe tell us more about himself and the hard work that Casvi Schools are doing during these unprecedented times.
May / Mayo 6, 2020
Diario de clase 26: Entrega de material escolar para la cuarentena
School Diary 26: Delivering School Supplies for Quarantine
Last week our Pre- School students received their second material kits! Our staff delivered the supplies door to door and students were delighted with the surprise.
May / Mayo 5, 2020
Diario de clase 25: No hicimos nada excepcional
School Diary 25: Nothing has changed
Due to quarantine our school is closed, but students continue to learn. At Casvi International American School, we only know how to do one thing: give our best to give the best education possible for your children.
May / Mayo 4, 2020
Diario de clase 24: Celebramos el Día de la Madre
School Diary 24: Let's celebrate Mother's Day
Our students have created their own gift for Mother’s Day. Above all, they have worked on their Art classes, and families could enjoy special workshops during the weekend.
April / Abril 30, 2020
Diario de clase 23: Noticias falsas sobre el Covid-19
School Diary 23: Fake news about Covid-19
Our experts in Scientific Culture have inquired about the dissemination of fake news related to Covid-19 published recently. Students warn us of their danger and provide some advice to evaluate them critically. Great job!
April / Abril 28, 2020
Diario de clase 22: ¡Os echamos de menos!
School Diary 22: We miss you!
Virginia Caballero Acosta, Head of Casvi International American School sends a message of hope to our school community. Our campus is not the same without you!
April / Abril 27, 2020
Diario de clase 21: La nueva vida de los profesores 1
School Diary 21: Our teachers' new life 1
Life has changed for teachers with online classes. How do they prepare classes now? How was the adaptation to the new digital learning environment? Our Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher talks about this new situation!
April / Abril 24, 2020
Diario de Clase 20: Día de la Tierra Virtual | PYP
School Diary 20: Virtual Earth Day | PYP
Pre-schoolers have inquired about our planet and have observed wild animals in their own environment through a virtual field trip organized by their teachers. An amazing experience on Earth Day!
April / Abril 23, 2020
Diario de clase 19: ¡Don Quijote, un libro para todos!
School Diary 19: Don Quixote, One Book One Community!
Don Quixote, was a knight who loved books so much. He could spend hours reading so do our school community, students, teachers, and all staff! Happy World Book Day!
April / Abril 22, 2020
Diario de clase 18: Mi rutina escolar en cuarentena  | ALUMNOS IB
School Diary 18: My school routine during quarantine | IB STUDENTS
As teachers keep school normality, our students find all kinds of resources to keep learning and stay positive in times of uncertainty. They reflect on what they are learning!
April / Abril 20, 2020
Diario de clase 17: Cómo preparar la EVaU 2020
School Diary 17: How to prepare EVaU 2020
Our senior students have been preparing these tests during the whole academic year and they haven’t stopped during the quarantine. Take a peek at their tips!
April / Abril 16, 2020
Diario de clase 16: ¡Bienvenido tercer trimestre!
School Diary 16: Welcome back to the last school-term!
Both students and teachers are ready for another great term of learning, but specifically, the MYP students would like to share with us their goals and expectations for this last period of school.
April / Abril 15, 2020
Diario de clase 15: Talleres de Semana Santa en familia
School Diary 15: Family Workshops during Easter
During Easter break, PE teachers offered a wide variety of online activities in Spanish for all educational levels. Our families had the opportunity to take part in dance classes, yoga classes...
April / Abril 7, 2020
Diario de clase 14: ¿Quién es el conejo de Pascua?
School Diary 14: Who is the Easter bunny?
This year, Easter will fall on Sunday 12th of April and toddlers have started to inquiry about this traditional celebration in their Social Studies class. Even on-line, students could enjoy the Easter egg hunt!
April / Abril 6, 2020
Diario de clase 13: El coro escolar nos manda un mensaje de esperanza
School Diary 13: School Choir, a message of hope
Casvi International American School Choir has reunited its members virtually in a song to send us a message of hope and cheer us up during quarantine time through their voices.
April / Abril 2, 2020
Diario de clase 12: Sencillos consejos para mejorar tus vídeos. VIDEO EN INGLÉS.
School Diary 12: Simple tips to improve your videos. ENGLISH VERSION.
From Casvi, we would like to share with you this little tutorial addressed to anyone who wants to continue to grow and advance within education in the field of the image.
April / Abril 1, 2020
Diario de clase 11: ¿Qué es un dispositivo
School Diary 11: What is a wearable device?
As engineers, scientists, or designers, in Robotics class, students focus on the solution rather than on the problem. On this occasion, they use their creativity and problem-solving skills by designing their own wearable.
March / Marzo 31, 2020
Diario de clase 10: ¡La Ciencia es divertida!
School Diary 10: Science is fun!
During these days, Science teachers make experiments, games, demonstrations, quizzes and, even field trips. Discover how they guide our students to the interesting, curious and surprising world of Science through the online classes!
March / Marzo 30, 2020
Diario de clase 9: El aprendizaje de idiomas online
School Diary 9: Foreign Languages Training Online
Since English is the language of instruction at Casvi International American School, foreign languages in school curriculum are more than necessary into an increasingly interconnected world.
March / Marzo 27, 2020
Diario de clase 8: Sencillos consejos para mejorar tus vídeos
School Diary 8: Simple tips to improve your videos
From Casvi, we share this little tutorial for anyone who wants to continue to grow and advance within education in the field of image.
March / Marzo 25, 2020
Diario de clase 7:  Noticias de Ciencias desde casa
School Diary 7: Science news from home
PYP students keep inquiring within Science online lessons. They are working on concepts such as the formation of fossils or the light effects.
March / Marzo 23, 2020
Diario de clase 6: ¡Que no pare la música!
School Diary 6: Don't stop the music!
Our students develop their creative musical skills together by analyzing and composing unique pieces on-line.
March / Marzo 20, 2020
Diario de clase 5: Un gran equipo
School Diary 5: A great team!
During this week, students and teachers have done their best to carry on with the school schedule from home. Continuing with the on-line lessons with the same enthusiasm and passion. BRAVO!
March / Marzo 19, 2020
Diario de clase 4: ¡Feliz Día del Padre!
School Diary 4: Happy Father's Day!!
Father's day is a very special occasion and a fantastic opportunity for students to develop their artistic intentions and portray their feelings.The Art Department is offering all the support our students need in their online classes!
March / Marzo 18, 2020
Diario de clase 3: ¡Seguimos en movimiento!
School Diary 3: Keep on moving!
Exercise is critical to good health, relaxation, and stress management—plus it’s just fun! These days our PE Department is using digital resources to facilitate daily lessons to our students.
March / Marzo 17, 2020
Diario de clase 2: Estar conectados
School Diary 2: To be connected
Pre-School and Kindergarten students are connected with their Teachers during the quarantine and keep acquiring communication English skills.
March / Marzo 16, 2020
Diario de clase 1: Aprender desde casa
School Diary 1: Learning from home
Our students and teachers are doing their best to continue with the classes during the quarantine and thanks to technology, from their homes, students keep learning.