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News of International Baccalaureate
March / Marzo 10, 2020
Su futuro será sostenible
Their future will be sustainable
When Martina’s dad came to school a few weeks ago, 4th graders had the opportunity to talk about sustainability and its three pillars: economic, environmental, and social within the PYP Transdisciplinary Theme “Sharing the planet”.
March / Marzo 5, 2020
¿Qué aprenden nuestros alumnos en la cocina del Bodegón Francachela?
What Do Students Learn in the Kitchen of Francachela's Restaurant?
To understand how the world works and more specifically a company, our Grade 2 students have spent a very fun and different morning in the restaurant of one of our families.
February / Febrero 27, 2020
Un Carnaval diferente.
A different Carnival.
Defying gravity, saving endangered species or putting fires out. Our students represented their dreams through their Carnival costumes after having worked on the transdisciplinary themes "How we share the planet” and in principles such as boldness.
February / Febrero 26, 2020
No es convencional. ¡Es por la Ciencia!
It's not conventional. It's for Science!
Inquiring about Darwin gives us the knowledge to understand the changes in living things by observing different species of birds and using new tools to "eat".
February / Febrero 18, 2020
PEP: El día de los Presidentes
PYP: President’s Day at school
Kindergarten students start off the unit of inquiry "How we organize ourselves" by reflecting in groups and reading the story of Ana, a girl who goes to Washington D.C for the very first time with her family and visits The White House.
February / Febrero 10, 2020
Ciencia en Pre-K: ¡Luces fuera!
Science in Pre-K: Lights off!
Pre-K 1 students inquired into basic scientific principles and technological advances through a learning experience to explore light sources.
February / Febrero 7, 2020
Nuestros alumnos hacen sus propuestas al Alcalde de Tres Cantos
Students make proposals to the Mayor of Tres Cantos
Within the Unit of Inquiry “How we organize ourselves” Grade 5 students have visited Tres Cantos City Hall this morning. There, they have known its operation and have made different proposals to the Mayor Mr. Jesús Moreno.
January / Enero 22, 2020
¡Adivina qué es!
Guess what!
During the Unit of Inquiry “How we express ourselves”, our 1st&2nd grade students improvised by presenting a mysterious object or feeling to the rest of the class.
January / Enero 17, 2020
Indagadores, comunicadores y de mentalidad abierta
Inquirer, communicator and open-minded
Through the Unit of Inquiry “How the World Works”, Grade 2 students have made an essay about a country they previously chose and then they presented in front of the class.
January / Enero 8, 2020
¡Nieva dentro de clase!
Let it snow, let it snow... inside class!
Our Prek-1 students have started school after Christmas break with a very winter activity within the unit of inquiry “Sharing the planet”.
December / Diciembre 17, 2019
Familias expresan su confianza en nuestro proyecto educativo
Families express their confidence in our educational project
Casvi International American School fosters a strong and positive relationship with parents by celebrating a Family Breakfast with the Head of School, Virginia Caballero Acosta.
December / Diciembre 16, 2019
Alumnos solidarios recogen 65 kilos de comida
Caring students collect 65 kg of food
We encourage our students to contribute with their actions in our society and, proof of that is the initiative that Kindergarten and Grade 8 students have carried out in favor of the Food Bank of Madrid.
December / Diciembre 13, 2019
Hoy: ¡Fiesta de Pijamas en el colegio!
Today: Pajama Party at school!
Pre-school and Kindergarten teachers encourage values like friendship among their students by organizing different activities. Today: pajama party at school!
December / Diciembre 10, 2019
Nuestros alumnos visitan la COP 25
Our students visit COP 25
To use virtual reality goggles and test different sustainable international projects! That is what our students did to inquiry about how climate change affects the earth in the UN Climate Change Conference 2019.
November / Noviembre 26, 2019
Érase una vez...
Once upon a time…
… our MYP students visit Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary classrooms in order to read some great stories to their younger peers.
November / Noviembre 15, 2019
Profesores de toda España se forman en Casvi
Teachers from all over Spain trained at Casvi
Eurocolegio Casvi from Villaviciosa de Odón has been in charge of organizing a series of workshops on methodology of the International Baccalaureate. Workshops offered by the Association of International Baccalaureate Centers of Spain (ACBIE).
November / Noviembre 11, 2019
¡Presentamos a nuestros profesores!
Introducing our Teachers!
At Casvi International American School we believe our teachers are a source of knowledge. Would you like to get to know them better?
November / Noviembre 7, 2019
¡Mi mamá es química!
My mom is a chemist!
At Casvi international American School, it is common for parents to attend classes and build on the knowledge our students acquire within each unit of inquiry.
October / Octubre 14, 2019
Aprendemos a través de la experimentación
Testing to learn
In 4 Grade Science class our students learn by themselves following the steps of an unit of inquiry by making an observation, questioning about a fact and forming hypothesis.
October / Octubre 9, 2019
Quienes somos
Who we are
Who are we? Which is our place in the world? These questions and more, are the starting point of a unit of inquiry about "what means to be human" and, in which our Kindergarten students are working in.
June / Junio 17, 2019
Presentación Proyecto Personal PAI - Bachillerato Internacional
MYP Personal Project Exhibition - International Baccalaureate
Technology, architecture, design, art... Grade 10 students have been working hard on completion of their Middle Year Programme Personal Project.
May / Mayo 24, 2019
¡Adelante mis valientes!
Go ahead my brave ones!
The Language class is transferred to the schoolyard where our students of 4th ESO have been very inspired to present their harangues.
May / Mayo 23, 2019
Cómo funcionan las cosas en el cole
How things work at School
The students of Pre-K 2 and Kindergarten have toured the school inquiring to know the ins and outs of how it works.
May / Mayo 20, 2019
¡Cómo cambia el cuento!
How the story changes!
Within a creative writing project, 6th Grade students rewrote the classic “Alice in Wonderland” by adding some significant and original changes.
May / Mayo 14, 2019
Empresa, marketing y creatividad
Business, Marketing and Creativity
We organize informative sessions so our students know how to adapt their knowledge to real contexts and manage situations that are constantly changing.
May / Mayo 6, 2019
"Stop, look, listen and think" Traffic Education Workshop in Kindergarten
In this fun in-class workshop, our Kindergarteners develop knowledge about the rules and laws in relation to road safety and how they should behave.
April / Abril 25, 2019
El Mundo visto por nuestros alumnos de Pre-k1
The world seen by our Pre-k1 students
What do our kids do in Kindergarten? They inquire, learn and develop their international mindedness by having fun!
April / Abril 11, 2019
¡Feliz Pascua!
Happy Easter!
During the days leading up to the Easter holidays, someone very special came to visit us: the Easter bunny! And not only him ...
March / Marzo 27, 2019
¿Quién te crees que eres?
Who do you think you are?
High School students have carried out very original learning dynamic in their Philosophy class to inquire about the different personality types.
March / Marzo 20, 2019
El color verde para celebrar San Patricio.
The green color to celebrate Saint Patrick.
Pre-k 1 students have taken advantage of the St. Patrick's holiday to learn more about color green and develop their international mindset.
March / Marzo 13, 2019
¡Nos suena a chino!
That sounds like Chinese!
During the last two weeks, our students from Lower School have celebrated the Chinese New Year, in a total linguistic and cultural immersion with an original Dragon Parade included!
March / Marzo 11, 2019
Recordamos la llegada a la luna 50 años después.
Remembering the Moon Landing 50 Years Later.
In 7th Grade, they have been working on an Interdisciplinary Unit of inquiry in Math and English to celebrate the 50 years of man on the moon.
March / Marzo 6, 2019
Profesores con ganas de aprender
Teachers eager to learn
The Eurocolegio Casvi de Villaviciosa de Odón, in collaboration with the IB, has organized an International Baccalaureate training workshop for Diploma Program teachers.
February / Febrero 25, 2019
Día de los Presidentes en Kindergarten
Presidents' Day in Kindergarten!
This celebration was a great time to start learning about history and some of America's greatest leaders!
February / Febrero 12, 2019
¡Aquí mando yo!
I'm in charge here!
The little ones of Casvi International American School develop their inquiry skills by taking charge of their own learning.
February / Febrero 11, 2019
El Debate como herramienta de aprendizaje
The Debate as a learning tool.
Middle School students learn the fundamentals of public speaking and argumentation, enabling them to develop core presentation and debating skills that boost confidence and self-esteem.
December / Diciembre 11, 2018
Una educación en valores.
A values-based education.
Casvi International American school offers more than just an academic experience; the education of our students starts with their development as human beings.
November / Noviembre 16, 2018
Nuestros profesores completan constantemente su formación.
Our teachers constantly complete their training.
Teachers attend a range of workshops on the methodology of the International Baccalaureate offered by the Association of International Baccalaureate Centers of Spain (ACBIE). Getting trained to train.
November / Noviembre 7, 2018
Alumnos crean un mapa interactivo del relieve español.
Students create an interactive map of the Spanish relief.
In Grade 6 Social Studies class, the students learned the Spanish geography through a project under the title "Connecting with relief"
October / Octubre 30, 2018
¿Qué es un ser vivo? Explicado por los niños de Grado 1.
What is a Living Thing? By First Grade kids!
The methodology of the International Baccalaureate allows our students to be responsible for their learning, in this case, taking care of and observing the growth of a living thing.
October / Octubre 11, 2018
¿Qué es un investigador en BI?
What is an inquirer in IB?
Through units of inquiry, the students of the 4th Grade Science class investigate the growth of the human body in the different stages of life.
September / Septiembre 18, 2018
The natural environment of Casvi International American School allows our teachers to take original classes and move the classroom outside.
May / Mayo 17, 2018
UNESCO recognizes May 17th as World Recycling Day and our students wanted to remind us of the importance of this practice.
April / Abril 24, 2018
At Casvi International American School we are committed to create synergies between the university and the school, in order to prepare our students for their adult stage.
March / Marzo 15, 2018
The students of 1st of E.S.O. have worked the senses, simulating through a pilot experience how to move within the school with their eyes covered.
March / Marzo 5, 2018
At Casvi International American School we intend our students to be global citizens.
March / Marzo 2, 2018
5th grade students have accepted the challenge: take care of an object for a week and then, face with it several challenges.
February / Febrero 2, 2018
Our faculty has attended several training sessions at the Casvi International School facilities about the International Baccalaureate (IB)
January / Enero 31, 2018
Our 1st and 2nd year High School students have attended an educational and very practical session at the ESIC-Bussines & Marketing School.
January / Enero 18, 2018
3rd and 4th Grade students are studying the human body in their Science class, and building it at Arts class.
January / Enero 15, 2018
Our students of 7 Grade carried out an exercise about the anatomical study of a bony fish at the laboratory.
April / Abril 4, 2017
It develops in students the skills, knowledge and attitudes they need to succeed not only in their studies, but also in their growth and personal development...