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July / Julio 17, 2019
Cerramos el curso escolar con grandes resultados académicos
Closing the school year with great academic results
The Community of Madrid gives the Extraordinary Baccalaureate Award to two of our students and four of them are among the 100 best of the EvAU 2019 held at the Autonomous University.
July / Julio 16, 2019
Mi experiencia en Casvi Camp Naturaleza
My Casvi Nature Camp experience
Some of our students just got out the return bus, and talk about their summer experiences on Casvi Nature Camp 2019: 15 days of full English immersion and outdoor educational adventure.
July / Julio 15, 2019
Emociones intensas en su regreso de Casvi Camp Naturaleza
Intense emotions on their return from the Casvi Nature Camp.
With a backpack full of memories and unforgettable experiences, our children have returned today from the Casvi Nature camp, afteran exciting weekend!
July / Julio 12, 2019
“Hasta el cielo y más allá” en Casvi Camp Naturaleza
"Up to heaven and beyond" at Casvi Nature Camp
All the participants in this English Summer Camp in Gredos, dared this time to perform fun capers and pirouettes during their climbing exercises taking place in the climbing center at Casvi Nature Center.
July / Julio 11, 2019
Nueva ruta senderista en Casvi Camp Naturaleza
New hiking route at Casvi Nature Camp
They set off from La Parra (where our Casvi Nature Center is located) to Arenas de San Pedro, going through paradisiacal paths of Sierra de Gredos.
July / Julio 9, 2019
¡Todos al Parque de Aventura de Navarredonda en Casvi Camp Naturaleza!
Let’s go to Navarredonda Adventure Park with Casvi Camp Nature!
That's where all the participants in this Summer Camp in English spent an awesome day feeling like "Tarzan", from tree to tree.
July / Julio 8, 2019
Las bicicletas son para el verano
Bicycles are for the summer time
Fernando Fernán Gómez told us so, and in the Casvi Nature Camp we believe it! That is why one of our daily activities is to cycle different routes in the Sierra de Gredos.
July / Julio 5, 2019
¡Nos vamos a la playa en Casvi Camp Naturaleza!
Casvi Nature Camp goes to the beach!
Early this morning the children from the Casvi Nature Centre in Sierra de Gredos walked from La Parra to the Playas Blancas area where they swam in the sea, played games and shared fantastic times with their friends and monitors.
July / Julio 3, 2019
Nuestros chicos de Casvi Camp Naturaleza son ¡puro teatro!
Our Casvi Nature Camp is pure theatre!
Besides participating in workshops an games, enjoying the pool or playing sports throughout the day in the beautiful Sierra de Gredos, the children also recieve drama lessons taught by Tony, our native English teacher.
July / Julio 2, 2019
El momento más refrescante de Casvi Camp Naturaleza
Refreshing spell at Casvi Nature Camp
Their favourite activities take place inside the pool in this Summer Camp in English. Games in the water and fun overseen by their instructors.
July / Julio 1, 2019
Arranca un nuevo Casvi Camp Naturaleza en Gredos
New Casvi Camp Nature starts in Gredos
From today, Monday until July 15, almost 60 children between 6 and 14 years old will enjoy a new Summer Camp in English that will take place at Casvi Nature Center in Sierra de Gredos.