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Casvi Tres Cantos Casvi Tres Cantos
June / Junio 25, 2020
Diario de clase 47: Una experiencia real
School Diary 47: A real-life experience
Nothing nurtures more a learning path as a real-life experience does. In Design class students have had the opportunity to share their ideas with an expert in the field, Mr. Gabriel Jiménez, Axel Springer Publishing Director.
June / Junio 23, 2020
Diario de clase 46: ¡Una despedida de fábula!
School Diary 46: A fairytale farewell!
Our school re-scheduled High School Graduation Ceremony for the next year. The CEO, Head of School, and Teachers wanted to send a warm message to our senior students though!
June / Junio 22, 2020
Diario de clase 45: Graduación de Kindergarten Online 2020
School Diary 45: Online Kindergarten Graduation 2020
Last Friday was the very last day of Preschool at Casvi International American school. That's the reason our teachers and families got together to celebrate a special Kindergarten Graduation ceremony for our kiddos virtually. We are so proud of you!
June / Junio 18, 2020
Diario de clase 44: Yo solo veo oportunidades
School Diary 44: I only see opportunities
Are schools prepared for re-opening after confinement? It is clear the digital transformation it has brought about, and the great opportunities that have appeared. The CEO of Casvi Group, Juan Luis Yagüe, explains why our schools are ready!
June / Junio 17, 2020
Diario de clase 43: La nueva vida de los profesores 5
School Diary 43: Teachers' new life 5
Every family is different, that's something our 6th Grade Homeroom Teacher knows very well! On this occasion, not only as a teacher but as a mom, Mrs. Freimuth talks about how her routine has changed since online classes became a reality 3 months.
June / Junio 12, 2020
Diario de clase 42: Las emociones a través de la danza
School Diary 42: Emotions through Dance
Kids' cognitive development depends on how they are capable to express their emotions. Our specialized teacher helps the students connect different emotions to different styles of dance and movement!
June / Junio 4, 2020
Diario de clase 40: La nueva vida de los profesores 4
School Diary 40: Teachers' new life 4
Michelle Lawver, our Kindergarten homeroom teacher, talks about how her teaching routine has changed since Covid-19 lockdown in Spain and gives us some personal tips to get through quarantine.
June / Junio 1, 2020
Diario de clase 39: Mentalidad International
School Diary 39: International Mindedness
How do we incorporate international-mindedness through PYP? Pre-K1 students have enjoyed a wonderful, globe-trotting inquiry into the different ways that people across the world express themselves.