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Casvi Tres Cantos Casvi Tres Cantos
May / Mayo 30, 2019
Concierto de Primavera 2019
Spring Concert 2019
Spring inspires. This has been demonstrated by our students dazzling in the already traditional Spring Concert.
May / Mayo 29, 2019
¡Una actividad creativa de lo más refrescante!
What a refreshing creative workshop!
The creativity of our students has no limits and even more when we motivate them to get out of the conventional. On this occasion, they paint with ice!
May / Mayo 28, 2019
Mi Primera Comunión
Mi First communion
In a very emotional ceremony that took place in the Assembly Hall of the school, our 4th grade students made their First Communion this weekend.
May / Mayo 27, 2019
A un paso del título
One step away from the title
A tie and a victory of the tennis team over the weekend could bring them, for the second time in a row, the ADS League.
May / Mayo 24, 2019
¡Adelante mis valientes!
Go ahead my brave ones!
The Language class is transferred to the schoolyard where our students of 4th ESO have been very inspired to present their harangues.
May / Mayo 23, 2019
Cómo funcionan las cosas en el cole
How things work at School
The students of Pre-K 2 and Kindergarten have toured the school inquiring to know the ins and outs of how it works.
May / Mayo 22, 2019
Ceremonia de Graduación 2018-2019
Graduation Ceremony Class of 2019
High School Students celebrate their Graduation Ceremony with excitement since they leave behind their school stage but embraced by the cloister of teachers, family and friends.
May / Mayo 20, 2019
¡Cómo cambia el cuento!
How the story changes!
Within a creative writing project, 6th Grade students rewrote the classic “Alice in Wonderland” by adding some significant and original changes.
May / Mayo 17, 2019
¡Ensayo final antes del Gran Evento!
Final Rehearsal before the Great Event!
Everything is already prepared to celebrate today at 7:00 p.m. the Graduation Ceremony of the 2nd year of Bachillerato students that this year finishes theirs studies in the school. So exciting!
May / Mayo 16, 2019
¡La fiesta del deporte está en la pista!
Sport Party is in the court!
tennis students of Casvi International American School participate in the sports festival organized by the Northern League.
May / Mayo 14, 2019
Empresa, marketing y creatividad
Business, Marketing and Creativity
We organize informative sessions so our students know how to adapt their knowledge to real contexts and manage situations that are constantly changing.
May / Mayo 10, 2019
¡Gracias Profes!
Thanks to our Teachers!
During Teacher Appreciation week, Preschool and Kindergarten students brought some special gifts to thank the teachers all they do.
May / Mayo 8, 2019
Tradicional Partido: Alumnos - Profesores. ¿Quién Gana?
Traditional Match: Students Vs Teachers. Who wins?
Once again, Casvi International American School has celebrated its traditional soccer match, Students Vs Teachers, in which 4th of E.S.O students raise funds for their end-of-course trip.
May / Mayo 7, 2019
Descubrimos a nuestros antepasados en Arqueopinto
Discovering our ancestors in Arqueopinto
Middle School students have visited Arqueopinto, an interactive space where they have discovered archeology and how we can inquire about our ancestors through it.
May / Mayo 7, 2019
¡Apúntate ya!
Book now!
The Casvi Schools Group organizes summer camps with English immersion during the month of July since 20 years ago at its facilities in the Nature Center in the Sierra de Gredos.
May / Mayo 6, 2019
"Stop, look, listen and think" Traffic Education Workshop in Kindergarten
In this fun in-class workshop, our Kindergarteners develop knowledge about the rules and laws in relation to road safety and how they should behave.
May / Mayo 5, 2019
Un regalo para mamá
A gift for mom!
Our Kindergarten students created their own gifts for Mother's Day in an original and creative way. Because they deserve it!