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Casvi Tres Cantos Casvi Tres Cantos
February / Febrero 27, 2020
Un Carnaval diferente.
A different Carnival.
Defying gravity, saving endangered species or putting fires out. Our students represented their dreams through their Carnival costumes after having worked on the transdisciplinary themes "How we share the planet” and in principles such as boldness.
February / Febrero 26, 2020
No es convencional. ¡Es por la Ciencia!
It's not conventional. It's for Science!
Inquiring about Darwin gives us the knowledge to understand the changes in living things by observing different species of birds and using new tools to "eat".
February / Febrero 24, 2020
Nuestro primer corto de animación
Our first animation short-film
The second graders inquired into how stop-motion shorts are made. Specifically, they used the claymation technique: an animation done using a character, or characters, created out of clay.
February / Febrero 18, 2020
PEP: El día de los Presidentes
PYP: President’s Day at school
Kindergarten students start off the unit of inquiry "How we organize ourselves" by reflecting in groups and reading the story of Ana, a girl who goes to Washington D.C for the very first time with her family and visits The White House.
February / Febrero 17, 2020
Nuestra Directora se convierte en Cupido por San Valentín
Our Head of School becomes Cupid for Valentine's Day.
Last Friday we could see lots of Love Hearts around the Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary Classrooms. But no one expected to have a very special Cupido visiting them with an important message.
February / Febrero 12, 2020
Jornada de Puertas Abiertas 2020: ¡reserva la fecha!
Open Day 2020: save the date!
Last details facing our next Open Day on Saturday 22th February at 11:30 am, in which we Will enjoy Casvi Choir performance.
February / Febrero 12, 2020
D. Juan Luis Yagüe, pregonero de Santa Águeda en Tres Cantos
Mr. Juan Luis Yagüe, was the town crier of Santa Águeda in Tres Cantos
Many authorities attended the official events of Santa Águeda that took place last Sunday in Tres Cantos, where Mr. Juan Luis Yagüe, CEO of the Casvi Group, made the inaugural proclamation.
February / Febrero 10, 2020
Ciencia en Pre-K: ¡Luces fuera!
Science in Pre-K: Lights off!
Pre-K 1 students inquired into basic scientific principles and technological advances through a learning experience to explore light sources.
February / Febrero 7, 2020
Nuestros alumnos hacen sus propuestas al Alcalde de Tres Cantos
Students make proposals to the Mayor of Tres Cantos
Within the Unit of Inquiry “How we organize ourselves” Grade 5 students have visited Tres Cantos City Hall this morning. There, they have known its operation and have made different proposals to the Mayor Mr. Jesús Moreno.
February / Febrero 6, 2020
¡Vive el deporte en Casvi International American School!
Sports Experience at Casvi International American School!
Physical and Health Education empowers students to understand and appreciate the value of being physically active and to make healthy life choices.