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Casvi Tres Cantos Casvi Tres Cantos
December / Diciembre 20, 2019
Navidad en el cole
Christmas at school
Christmas at Casvi International American School is a very special occasion so that all of our students work on their values...
December / Diciembre 18, 2019
La cena de Navidad en la Residencia Casvi
Christmas Dinner at the Casvi Boarding School
During the last week, students and staff at Casvi International American’s Boarding School made sure that this year the Christmas atmosphere was very visible at the dinner they organize. A very special occasion!
December / Diciembre 17, 2019
Familias expresan su confianza en nuestro proyecto educativo
Families express their confidence in our educational project
Casvi International American School fosters a strong and positive relationship with parents by celebrating a Family Breakfast with the Head of School, Virginia Caballero Acosta.
December / Diciembre 16, 2019
Alumnos solidarios recogen 65 kilos de comida
Caring students collect 65 kg of food
We encourage our students to contribute with their actions in our society and, proof of that is the initiative that Kindergarten and Grade 8 students have carried out in favor of the Food Bank of Madrid.
December / Diciembre 13, 2019
Hoy: ¡Fiesta de Pijamas en el colegio!
Today: Pajama Party at school!
Pre-school and Kindergarten teachers encourage values like friendship among their students by organizing different activities. Today: pajama party at school!
December / Diciembre 10, 2019
Nuestros alumnos visitan la COP 25
Our students visit COP 25
To use virtual reality goggles and test different sustainable international projects! That is what our students did to inquiry about how climate change affects the earth in the UN Climate Change Conference 2019.
December / Diciembre 5, 2019
En equipo siempre se gana
Teamwork never loses
Grade 8, 3rd E.S.O. and 4th E.S.O students participate in a triangular soccer competition with other schools winning in the cadet category.
December / Diciembre 4, 2019
La actualidad a debate
Debating hot topics
During the weekend some students of 1st of Bahcillerato have participated in the First Regional Session of Madrid, Castilla La Mancha, Castilla y León and Extremadura to discuss issues of social, technological and political relevance.
December / Diciembre 2, 2019
El placer de leer
The pleasure of reading
Our 1st School Book Fair has been a very successful event! Our students had a wonderful selection of engaging and affordable books for every reading level. They had a blast!