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Casvi Tres Cantos Casvi Tres Cantos
November / Noviembre 30, 2020
El valor de las artes en el proceso educativo
The value of Arts in the learning process
Extracurricular activities such as dance and theatrical performance are the best way to develop creativity. Let's give our students the opportunity to discover their passion!!
November / Noviembre 27, 2020
Thanksgiving en un colegio americano en Madrid
Thanksgiving at an American School in Madrid
Happy Thanksgiving!! At Casvi International American School we’re thankful for being able to provide the best education to our students for another year. And you, what are you most thankful for?
November / Noviembre 25, 2020
El día a día en un colegio americano
Daily life at an American School
Every day is an adventure for the students of Casvi International American School. ¡Discover how is our daily life!
November / Noviembre 17, 2020
¿Cómo ingresar en una universidad americana?
How do I get into an American university?
Dive into the American experience! Thanks to our native teachers, at Casvi International American School you will be ready for the most exciting adventure of your life!
November / Noviembre 10, 2020
¿Qué hacer para aprender inglés de manera exitosa?
What to do to learn English successfully?
Having a high level of English is not that easy, requires effort, dedication and discipline. Thanks to our native teachers, our students will achieve an international profile.
November / Noviembre 6, 2020
¡El otoño llegó a Casvi International American School!
Fall arrived at Casvi International American School!
A few weeks ago families and all the educational community celebrated the autumn arrival by decorating every single place of our school.
November / Noviembre 5, 2020
Estudiar en un colegio americano en España
Study at an American school in Spain
At Casvi International American School we clear up the doubts that each family may have when thinking about why an American School for their children in Spain.
November / Noviembre 4, 2020
The sky is the limit in the November edition of News by Casvi, your monthly magazine from Casvi International American School.