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Casvi Tres Cantos Casvi Tres Cantos
October / Octubre 31, 2020
The most awaited time for our students has arrived! In their original costumes, they enjoy the most colorful day at Casvi International American School.
October / Octubre 27, 2020
¿En qué consiste el sistema educativo americano?
What is the American education system?
At Casvi International American School, having an American education system not only makes us different, but more competitive. With this educational model, we offer the flexibility our students need.
October / Octubre 20, 2020
¿Cómo es un colegio americano en España?
How is an American school in Spain?
At Casvi International American School we have an exclusive and professional educational system for your children. If, in addition to have an international profile, you add an American education system, success is guaranteed.
October / Octubre 15, 2020
Ventajas del sistema educativo americano
The advantages of the American education system
An American School in Spain? Competitiveness, cultural and social diversity, academic quality and prestige...are some of the attributes that the American and international educational system of Casvi International American School offers its students.
October / Octubre 6, 2020
¿Qué es el Bachillerato Internacional?
What is The International Baccalaureate Programme?
We are a reference of international and global education, of quality and innovation, where our students reach the highest levels of excellence in their academic development within the framework of the International Baccalaureate Programme.
October / Octubre 5, 2020
The story of a violinist, mindfulness for our 2nd Grade students, music as an essential element in education, and other topics awaits you in the October edition of News by Casvi, your monthly magazine from Casvi International American School.
October / Octubre 1, 2020
Mi Primera Comunión: Un día para recordar
My First Communion: A day to remember
Finally, after hard months of confinement, the most awaited day arrived for the students of Casvi International American School who had decided to celebrate their First Communion in our school. Enjoy with them this beautiful day!