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The school is comprised of 7 buildings and large sports and recreational areas renovated in the 2018-2019 academic year. A total floor area of 25.000 m2.

Casvi Edificio Residencia Masculina

The classes are held in four buildings with spacious classrooms for the development of the different groups.

Clases en Casvi tres Cantos

And with specific classes for Science, as the Computer lab or the Biology lab.

Aula de informatica an Casvi Tres Cantos TIC

Laboratorio de Biología para prácticas de ciencias

The resources assigned for sports are as follows:

  • Playgrounds well - equipped for leisure time.

Patios de juego en Casvi Tres Cantos

  • An indoor and acclimatized sports pavilion.

Reciento deportivo cubierto en Casvi Tres Cantos

  • Outdoor courts:

   - Soccer field with artificial turf.

- Basketball and Volleyball courts.

Cancha basket de Casvi tres Cantos

- Tennis and padel courts.

Pistas de tenis Casvi Tres Cantos

  • Swimming pool.

Actividades al aire libre en la piscina del colegio

All of it surrounded by nature with gardens and woods that allows our students to enjoy and learn from the natural cycle of the plants through the different seasons.

Entorno Natural en Casvi Tres Cantos

We also have a conference room, which is aimed to be used by the school Choir, students’ performances and for conferences and events.

Actos y eventos del colegio en el salon de actos