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In our school, students may study High School ordinary program, which prepares them for the Spanish University Entrance Exam (abbreviated as EvAU in Spanish). 

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Since Casvi International American School is a candidate school for the three IB programmes, students will have the option to follow the High School Program combined with the IB Diploma Programme that builds their social, research, thinking, self-management, and communication skills. 

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In addition to the official written exam, in order to finish the Diploma Programme, students must carry out the following activities:

• Theory of knowledge, which introduces the student to reflect on the sources of knowledge.

• An extended essay (research paper), similar to the university-level Senior Thesis or Project.

• Creativity, activity, and service (CAS) activities, in which the student must take part in various individual and group projects, with creative, sports-related and volunteer activities.

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