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Beginning in kindergarten Casvi students have classes in visual arts and music. In the Middle School and Upper School, students are able to participate in an ensemble music class (choir or band), in addition to Visual Arts and Debate.

Clases de música desde Kindergarten hasta High School

At Casvi International American School, they have a myriad of opportunities to express themselves. Children love to create visual art. In the Lower School, they learn about the basic elements and concepts used in visual media: color and line, shape and texture, harmony and contrast, and so forth.

Clases de Arte en Primaria

Our students understand the importance of effective oral communication. Speech and debate are essential components of all academic programs.

Participación en programa de Radio alumno de Primaria

Arts are central to the Casvi experience, both as part of the academic program and through a host of extra-curricular options. Activities as de Casvi Choir are also central to Casvi’s transdisciplinary IB programming.


Highlight the end-of-year artistic-sport festival, where students and teachers participate in a different, spectacular and original staging; creating together choreographies, musical accompaniments, sets, and costumes.