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April / Abril 23, 2019
Students sweep Athletic Competition at PeŮalvento School

Students sweep Athletic Competition at PeŮalvento School

At Casvi International American School, not only is it important for students to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but, through sports practice, they must learn a series of values ​​that are vital for their personal growth. That is why we encourage them to participate with other kids in sporting events inside and outside of school.

Casvi PeŮalvento Cross Atletismo

Thus, on April 11, just before saying goodbye to enjoy their Easter holidays, our students participated, one more year, in the X Cross organized by the Peñalvento School of Colmenar Viejo. And we could not be more proud of their effort.

Casvi PeŮalvento Cross Atletismo

In general, we were present in all categories from Grade 6 to even the teachers within the top 5, taking five gold, two silvers and 1 bronze, in addition to the cup to the best participating school center.

Casvi PeŮalvento Cross Atletismo


The classification by courses would be the following:

- Olivia Ayuso- G-6. Fourth position

- Pablo Pascual- G-7. Fifth position

- Pedro González- G-6. Fourth position

- Carla Galbán- 2nd ESO. Fourth position

- Carlos Garcia and Alejandro Gallego- 2nd ESO. First and Fourth position, respectively

- Noé Elá- 3º ESO. First position

- María Almarza- 1st Baccalaureate. First position

- Jorge Ramírez, Ángel Ortiz and Miguel García- 1st Baccalaureate. First, Second and Third place respectively

- Cristina Córdoba- Teachers. First position

- Ted Guerrero- Teachers. Second position